My name is Matt Bruflodt. I'm a grad student, writer, and teacher. My endeavor here is to gain a fuller understanding of the web as a context for writing. It is undeniable that the future of human communication is going to be predominately--in one form or another--online. I have written very little in a digital medium. I have a blog that I use primarily for fleshing out ideas for papers I'm working on and I would like for it to be more than that, but I keep running into an internal block, a feeling that is dated but nevertheless a part of me.

I am of the last generation that grew up, for the most part, without the internet, and the feeling that has always drawn me to writing is very different than what I must assume draws people to it now. It's the feeling that writing--especially in its raw infancy-- is an intimate, personal, and private thing, and that it should be kept that way until it becomes something that demands an audience. It is difficult for me to take what is in my notebook and put it on the web; nor would I be inclined to take my notebook, have it bound, and place it, secretly, on the shelves of a bookstore or library.

So, in addition to my desire to learn how to write in a digital medium, I am also dealing with the why and the what of it. Is it exhibitionism, narcissism, or has there been a genuine psychological shift? An adaptation to a new digital reality?
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