Make Me Think about Tailoring My Text

aka Make Me Think about Personas, Style, Attitude, and Attention

This is an exercise in gaining control of the web text you create, and tailoring it to the new context and situations you're writing in - tailoring your text to the new kind of text it is.

First Read

Read or re-read Price chap 1 - 4. Chapter 2 is a little technical but it also covers some background in marking up text, and thinking about text as reusable objects. The emphasis in this exercise is on chaps 1, 3, and 4.

Read MorgansNotesOnPricePartOne.

I'm linking you to notes about style on Sylva Rhetrica. Don't bypass or skim that material, either. Read it. Print it out if it helps. Consult it as you work.

Ignore and skim at your peril. This is a graded exercise.

The Exericise

This is a notes exercise. You won't be publishing these notes (unless you want to) but we will be commenting on them online starting Tuesday, and we will be looking at them on Thursday to discuss strategies, and how you drew on Price's ideas: niche persona to niche persona, style, tone, attitude, the text as interface.

Create an article in Medium in which you compose four introductions to yourself, in which you tailor the content to four different stances (p 31-2)

Compose all four intros in one article on Medium so they are easier to navigate and compare. You can sort out how to label or use headings that help us differentiate between them.

As you work, review what Price says about style, tone and stance, and attention, with a good dollop of how the web text works. Apply those ideas: shift styles and tone. Try out alternative stances.

As notes, these are rough, partial, experimental, quickly done, written for discovery and invention. They won't be perfect or perhaps even complete. They are like gesture drawings and sketches, created for practice, effect, study, and filed away or even discarded. As these are notes, so go with whatever length helps you explore and work with the ideas in Price and that I have noted above. Too short won't accomplish anything, but too long might.

Optional stuff


Post a link to your work on the FB page by midnight Monday, please, so we call can start commenting on them on Tuesday or before.



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