(image: http://www.lakesidepottery.com/Media/JPG_Images/ceramic-sculpture-repair-painting-process/color-wheel.jpg)
A color wheel organizes information: colors, visual relations between colors, color terms, terms of relation between colors.

Make Me Think about Organizing Exercise

For this project, we're taking a step back - away from the page to look at whole sites and how they are organized. How in the sense of what we see on sites, pages, and navigation, and how in the sense of the methods and principles of organization behind the site.

We’ll take a couple of weeks to consider and work with the ideas of organization and design, and then turn to drafting an article for publication on Medium.

Part 1: Week of Feb 16 - 23

Information Architecture

1. Start a new page on the wiki for your NotesAboutOrganizing - followed by your initials

2. Read Lynch, Chap 3: Information Architecture. There are three sections to this chapter, based on the principles and methods that web designers and writers (IA people) engage: collecing and organizing the information - structuring the site - presenting the site structure.

Be ready to discuss and comment on all three sections: ready to look at these ideas in class, identify them on web sites, use them yourselves (card sorting), define them (taxonomies, hierarchies) … This material is not skimmable. We’ll be working with these ideas in class, so have some notes ready.

Part 2: Wayfinding and Mapping

Interface Design: Info Architecture in the physical world.

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