Make Me Think about Length with a Folk Tale

Part 2 of MakeMeThinkAboutLength

For this draft, use Medium rather than the wiki so that you can draw on the affordances there: title and subtitle, image placement, heads and subs, paragraph styles. Save your work as a draft in Medium, and provide a link from your wiki name page to your draft.

Draft a folk tale with a moral, in which you help readers think about the reading length of text on the web - over and above what we've read for this project.

Folk- or fairy-tale. Think Chicken Little, for instance. Rumplestiltskin. Or the commercially constructed tales of Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox. A set of tales is listed at American Folkfore. Even Rip Van Winkle is characteristic of a folk tale.

Some tales are cumulative tales.

Folk tales slide into fairy tales and tall tales. There are plenty of models out there to work from, imitate, vary. Here's a collection in the public domain to draw from. And here's a collection closer to the originals as collected by the Grimms. Gruesome.

Beware of Disney: Disney versions tend to reduce the complexity. Earlier versions, circulated outside of mainstream media, tend to have more food for thought.

Folk- or fairy-tale: Whichever approach you take, your tale should have a stated moral at the end.



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