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Make Me Think about Length Debriefing

Reading attentively on the web

For Thursday, we're going to talk about a few of these: what they illustrate, how they get us to think about reading and attention, and how they help us think about reading and attention: how they work, essentially.

We're using the tales to extend and build and complicate Price and the general dictum on writing and reading web content.

Choose a fave to talk about with respect to what it illustrates and how it works it.

MakeMeThinkAboutLengthExercise. Reading and notes.


TIO Labs intro

Look at how the articles are displayed on TIO Labs: title and sub. You can change those - and you want to as the author of the work to get a reader focused on what's up from the start.

placing things back in context
Niesen's measure is sufficient value - which begs the question of readership, but here are some of his observations

Users don't waste time on the 2/3 of the long articles that aren't sufficiently valuable.

What Should You Do?
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