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Notes from Computer Lib/Dream Machines

I liked the fish analogy - that we are like fish in water, unaware of the changes in the media around us. I liked how he said we need to take control to shape the molecules we swim in.

The section about teaching was also interesting. I need to go back to this section. I thought it was interesting when he argued against the idea that teachers are "warm and human" and computers are not. He talked about other machines like the toaster or the bathtub as having the association of being warm, so why not a computer? It was an interesting idea, and it made me think. I can't say that I have had any experience where I would consider the computer warm.

In A Modest Proposal section on page 313 he talks about how to motivate students to take control of their own learning by encouraging them to use what he calls "ultra-rich environments" - which I think means hyperlinks that can lead the student deeper and deeper into his/her studies. He advocates a lot of free range, allowing the student to pursue that which the student finds interesting. He says this eliminates curriculum and tests.

The picture on 314 shows a sort of guided form of hyper-linking that could be used for instruction where the student gets to choose one of several listed possible links to get to where he/she needs to go. For example, if the student doesn't know anything about that subject, he/she would follow each link in order, but if a student does have some knowledge or is catching on quickly, he/she could skip down to another link.

Hypergrams - linked images is another way of going deeper with a topic.
Queriable Illustrations - a type of hypergram where the user can select a section of the image, triggering a pop-up or a reaction containing more information.
Stretchtext - I'm not familiar with, but he describes it as a way to control the amount of text by adding or taking away words.
Hypermap - zooming in and out and moving around the screen
Thinkertoy -"a computer display system that helps you envision complex alternatives." - 330

His argument: "I believe computer screens can make people happier,
smarter, and better able to cope with the copious problems
of tomorrow. But only if we do right, right now. " -317
"Why? The computer’s capability for branching among events,
controlling exterior devices, controlling outside events, and
mediating in all other events, makes possible a new era of
media." - 317
Nelson seems to be saying that we just need to recognize how machines can be used and improve their functionality for a more positive experience.

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