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Current Spaces on Medium

  • TIO Labs. This is where your finished work will be aggregated for the course.
  • This Is Online. This is the account I use for managing TIO Labs, which is a collection on Medium.

Spring 2017

Morgan's Wiki | WCWStatement | WCWSyllabus
AboutThisWiki | This Is Online: Retired for 2015

for week of 2 Feb

If you have questions, we can meet during office hours next Mon: 3:00 - 4:00, or Tues 11:30 - 12:15, and 1:45.

Due date for EditorialStyleAndOthers is midnight, Tues, 31 Jan.
  • Add a link to your medium account to your wiki name page, along with a link to your email.
  • Get a copy of the handout for this week. There's a link to download it in the News section of d2l. The Fahnestock handout, "Language Varieties," is now available outside office in HS 314. Get it in print. It's easier to work with the ideas in the paper version.
  • Work with the exercise EditorialStyleAndOthers. The exercise is bound to take 4 - 6 hours to do well, so get started early. Post your variations on a page you create on the wiki. You may post them to Medium. If you do, link to the draft and make it commentable.
  • Deadline: Wed midnight 25 Jan, Tues, 31 Jan for discussion on Thu 2 Feb class.

2 Feb, in class

  • Discussion on Editorial Style: examples, counter-examples
  • After our discussion, choose one of the introductions you worked on for this exercise - or draft another - and post it as a an intro on Medium to replace the first one you posted.
  • Add an image that works with the writer-audience relationship you're establishing in the written intro.

Miss class? Email me for the invitation code to register for the wiki.


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