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Who is this advertisement asking you to be? What's it doing to help you become what it wants?

"So pure, so wholesome, you can even give it to babies and feel good about it." Duke University Libraries Digital Collections

Current Spaces

  • TIO Labs. This is where your finished work will be aggregated for the course.
  • This Is Online. This is the account I use for managing TIO Labs, which is a collection on Medium.

Web Content Writing

ENGL 4169/5169: Web Content Writing
Spring 2016

Morgan's Wiki | WCWStatement | WCWSyllabus
AboutThisWiki | This Is Online: Retired for 2015


Reading and exercise for 4 Feb

Week of Feb 11 - 18

On Medium
When you have a draft ready to look at, click on the Share button, next to the Publish button.
Copy the link.
Switch over to the WCW wiki.
Log in if you need to.
Go to your wiki name page.
Edit the page.
Paste the draft link into your wiki name page. Use to make the link informative, as below:

Draft of folk tale about length

Use your Medium url. The text following the url will appear as link text when you save the page.
Save the page.

Later today or Friday, I'll post some guidelines on requesting feedback and commenting on the drafts.

Enjoy the weather.

Thanks for your patience.

- m


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