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Web Content Writing

ENGL 4169/5169: Web Content Writing
Spring 2015

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Older announcements are on the WCWSyllabus page.

Thur 5 Feb

We discussed in class collective notes on Price, chaps 5 - 6. My notes for the class discussion are here: MorgansNotesOnTheLengthExercise.

for Thu 12 Feb

Make Me Think about Length

Write a folk tale with a moral, in which you make readers think about reading length of text on the web. No less than 3 minutes reading time.

Folk tales: Think Chicken Little, for instance. Or the commercially constructed tales of Paul Bunyan and Babe, the Blue Ox. A set of tales is listed at American Folkfore. Some tales are cumulative tales. Folk tales slide into fairy tales and tall tales. Even Rip Van Winkle is characteristic of a folk tale. There are plenty of models out there to work from, imitate, vary. We're not too concerned about pedigree for this challenge. But whatever tack you take, your tale should have a stated moral at the end.


for Thu 5 Feb


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