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Style Guide Notes

  • Add your email address in italics at the bottom of your bio. On each article, add a link to your bio, again in italics at the bottom of the article.
  • Use h3 for first-level heads in articles H1 is reserved for the title
  • Use bold for subtitles in the article
  • MLA
  • Always link to source.
  • images - upload size (kbts) and pixel size
  • no colon after headings
  • photo credits should name or describe the image and link to the page the image came from.


Web Content Writing

ENGL 4169/5169: Web Content Writing
Spring 2013

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Tue 14 Jan

Required texts

Thu 16 Jan

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How To

To post a draft to the wiki

Formatting and metadata

To move a draft to TIO

Copy and paste from the edit mode on the wiki - not from the reading mode. Double-click the page you want to add to TIO to move into edit mode. Copy what you want, paste it into TIO. Save.


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