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Style Guide Notes

  • Add your email address in italics at the bottom of your bio. On each article, add a link to your bio, again in italics at the bottom of the article.
  • Use h3 for first-level heads in articles H1 is reserved for the title
  • Use bold for subtitles in the article
  • MLA
  • Always link to source.
  • images - upload size (kbts) and pixel size
  • no colon after headings
  • photo credits should name or describe the image and link to the page the image came from.


Web Content Writing

ENGL 4169/5169: Web Content Writing
Spring 2013

Morgan's Wiki | WCWStatement | WCWSyllabus
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Thurs 28 Mar

Tues 2 April

Thurs 4 April

Update: 9:00 am

Prof Morgan is ill. Face to face meeting of the class is cancelled until Tuesday. But please take the time to review some of the ideas below to develop an article that makes interesting use of links. Comb Price, chap 7 - and especially chaps 11 - 15: Genres for ideas. Comb the web for ideas.

- Proposal on the wiki by Tuesday, Friday, 5 April.
I'll check for proposals on the wiki Thursday and Friday and will respond.

Heavy Linking Ideas

Most of these links point to materials on hypertext essays - essays made of chunks that link internally. I'm asking more for a single text that links out. However, there are starting points in these materials.

on deck

How To

To post a draft to the wiki

Formatting and metadata

To move a draft to TIO

Copy and paste from the edit mode on the wiki - not from the reading mode. Double-click the page you want to add to TIO to move into edit mode. Copy what you want, paste it into TIO. Save.


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