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The image stares back

Web Content Writing

ENGL 4169/5169: Web Content Writing
Spring 2012

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Required text
Price, Hot Text. New Riders, 2002

Publishing space
This Is Online


Tue 10 Jan

Thu 12 Jan

for Tue, Price, chaps 1 - 2.
Start a new page on your wikiname page, titled AutoBiographies - followed by your initials. On that page, draft three 250 word autobiographies for your online writing, following advice from Price about persona, stance, and attitude, pp. 31 - 34. Include an image if possible (link to image on Facebook or elsewhere.) One or more of these, or a variation of one or more, revised, will eventually be published on TOI.

To do

Tue 14 Jan

For Thurs, chaps 3 - 4


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