Getting Started on the Wiki

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Editing Existing Pages

Some formatting

You can format text by using the formatting bar at the top of the edit mode page, or by hand-coding.
To code by hand

Lines and paragraphs

The wiki will word wrap like a word processor so don't use return at the end of lines. But it does not readily indent paragraphs. Instead, separate paragraphs with a blank line by pressing the return key twice to start a new paragraph.

This is a paragraph.

This is another paragraph. They're separated by an extra blank line.

You can use the line return to set short lines, such as lyrics and poetry:
Let us go then you and I
While evening is spread out against the sky
Like a patient etherized upon a table
Oh do not ask what is it
Let us go and make our visit

Indent whole paragraphs (like a block quote) by starting the line with four spaces:
Here's an examples of an indented paragraph. This would be appropriate for block quoting a source, or otherwise setting it off.

Structural elements

Create structural elements - heads and sub-heads - by surrounding the heading text with equals signs. The more equals signs the larger the heading. Generally, heading level 1 is reserved for the page title, so we start at heading level 2.

heading level 2

5 equals signs

heading level 3

4 equals signs

heading level 4

heading level 5

Horizontal Rules
Create horizontal rules with four dashes like this:

You can link to external pages by selecting the text that will become the link text and clicking on the Link icon in the formatting bar. Or you can do it by hand.


You can link to or embed images in pages. The image has to be on the web, and you need to control access to it. Be careful of linking to images you don't control. Here's the general pattern:
{{image url="paste the url to the image here"}}

For more info, see the FormattingRules.

Adding New Pages

You can add new pages wherever you are in the wiki.

What's Next

Experiment. Please don't edit this page. Instead, use the SandBox to practice editing. Or practice editing on your own wiki page. Refer to the FormattingRules for more elaborate formatting.

sources: A narrative toc adapted and localized from WikiWikiWeb Wiki:OneMinuteWiki. See also OneMinuteWiki for a more compact version, and HowToUseWiki.
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