Guiding Questions for Commenting on the Folk Tale Drafts

for MakeMeThinkAboutLengthWithAFollkTale.

Address these first

As the writer, address these first.

Take care of these some how. You might post a comment asking for advice on the image, or start working on adjusting the reading length.

Conscientious reading and commenting

Now come the tricky parts and conscientious reading.

Comment on the draft as you wish and as you take interest in it, but use the questions I've listed below as a guide to focusing your reading and developing specific comments. My questions focus on the issues that the project asks you to address in your folk tale.

On Medium, you can attach comments to paragraphs or make general comments on the submission as a whole. General comments are more useful because if you get the general sense of things, the details can be readily resolved.

Cast your comments as helpful - and what is often helpful is simply making neutral observations about the draft that the writer can then turn into suggestions.

Guiding Questions

Is it a folk tale? What features make it so?

If it's not a folk tale in formal features, what kind of tale *is* it? How can you read it *as* a folk tale?

What do all the details add up to? How do they go to create a coherent tale? Anything loose? Anything that can be cut without loss to the moral? (Folk tales tend to loose specific details from telling to telling as the retellers focus on the meaningful elements.) Anything *need* to be added or developed futher to fit the point? (Things can always be added or cut: the question to focus on is whether they are *needed*.)

How do the tale and the moral line up? Do they? Would there be a more fitting moral that focuses attention on the point of the tale?

What are the connections with the ideas we're working with - length and the related ideas of attention and economics? You should be able to state these with some certainty. How, that is, does the tale *help* you think about length? Another way of asking this is: What does the tale bring to the surface and examine? What does it conclude?

You're welcome to add guiding questions to this list. Edit the page and add.

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