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Final Project

Further Thoughts on Digital vs. Print Reading

Danielle Nicholson

After reading "The Deep Space of Digital Reading" by La Farge and taking notes on it, I was especially intrigued by the idea of comparing digital and print reading. After reading La Farge's article, I came to the conclusion that digital reading can expand our humanity and is, overall, beneficial for society. I was very interested in the content of the article and thought it would be interesting to get a few different (new) perspectives on the issue.

From the higher education perspective, an article by Sharon O'Malley titled "There's No Easy Answer," includes the opinion of Wayne Kobylinski, an English professor from Anne Arundel Community College. He believes students should be able to choose between digital and print. "Kobylinksi said his students feel printed material "carries more of a sense of gravitas" than digital. "That makes sense for college students.""
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