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Blogging and Digital Reading

I have been blogging for about two years (ever since Weblogs & Wikis). I've changed the theme of my blog multiple times -- from makeup, to photography, to poetry, to crime writing. Currently, my blog is a hodge-podge of things, mainly a crime blog which also acts as a portfolio. Blogging is relevant to digital reading, hypertext, and Krug's teachings because anyone can create a blog -- including people such as teenagers, bored moms, people who know nothing about writing/design,etc. These people can put their blog online for all to see and read, which is why it's important for the information and design to be highly readable and usable to any audience.

Krug in application to blogging
ch4: users like mindless choices
do not mind a lot of clicks if they are simple
"home" "about me" "my work - photography" "my work - writing" etc.
important for readable blogs, or user will go to a different site

Hypertext in application to blogging

Creating a blog and usability
Browsing a blog and usability
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