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Destiny Sherman's Page

I am Destiny Sherman, a student in Web Content Writing class of spring 2018. I am from Bemidji, MN, but I was born in Sacramento, CA. I have a mother, a younger brother, a very old calico cat, a very old silver chinchilla, several fish of varying ages spread across four fish tanks and a few betta bowls, and three ferrets of varying ages.

This is my sixth year at BSU. I will be graduating this spring. I have a major in Professional and Creative Writing, minors in Biology and Psychology, and I'm completing a major in Electronic Writing. I do work study on campus, so you may see me working in dorm or dining hall buildings this semester.

Things I Enjoy Doing

- reading
- writing
- playing video games
- caring for animals
- watching too much Youtube
- jumping on my trampoline

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