WCW BootCamp

We'll take the first few days getting signed up to and oriented with the software and site we'll be using.

Part One: Deadline Monday Evening

Getting signed up with Twitter and Medium

1. Sign up for a Twitter account. If you already have one, you're ready. Otherwise visit http://twitter.com and set up a new account. You'll need a Twitter account to use Medium.com, and I will be asking you to compose in Twitter once or twice.

2. Sign up at http://medium.com. Look around. Read the orientation and help materials at the Medium Help Center. (The help materials are laced with promotional prose and tend to describe a feature rather than explain how to use it.) Orient yourself to how Medium works for drafting, editing, commenting, managing drafts and published articles, and sharing. Set up a profile page with an image, and to look over your Settings.

The Medium interface changes often and is under-designed. Watch for down arrows. They tend to hold menus. Keep the Medium Help Center page open to refer to.

Medium lets you maintain a draft area, an unlisted area for articles that are visible only to those with the url, and an area for articles that have been published to the world. Drafts and published articles can be commented on paragraph by paragraph. Articles that are published can also be further edited and updated.

3. Comment on a test draft. Once you have registered on Medium, you should be able to see and comment on drafts that are made available to you. Log in to Medium and try commenting with this draft: back to the ipsum. Mouse-over a paragraph and you should see a lock icon (or a +) appear. Click that and you can comment on that paragraph. Try it out: Leave a comment to two. This is just to test things out. You can also select some text and comment on that.

4. Create a short article for practice in Medium. You can import stuff you've written elsewhere, or use a lorem ipsum generator: this is just practice. Add some images. Add some headings. Get used to the interface and the affordances Medium offers. You don't need to publish this article. You can keep them in your Drafts area.

5. At this point, email me your twitter name and the address of your medium account. Your twitter name starts with @ and is the name on your account. Mine is @mcmorgan. Your Medium address will look like something like https://medium.com@ followed by your account name. I'll add your addresses to the wiki on Sunday and Monday so we call all see who's here and what we're doing.

Part 2: Deadline: Wednesday Evening

Check into the wiki page for updates and news, and twitter and Medium addresses. I'll post a reading for Thursday's class Wednesday morning. No reading this week.

Practice in drafting and sharing
1. Draft a short article (no longer than 1 minute reading time) to serve as an introduction of yourself to the class and the world. Include an image, and at least one link.

What might this intro be? A CV, perhaps. A short autobio in first, second, or third person. A short self-introduction. A short statement of what you're doing this semester. Something that "can serve as an introduction of yourself to the class." The form is up to you. So, try a few different options and keep your drafts in the drafts section of your Medium space.

As you draft your intro, you can share your drafts with others to get some responses to it. Medium explains how to share with others. You don't have to do this, but you're welcome to.

When your intro is ready, create a title and a subtitle for the work, and then publish it. You can publish it as Unlisted for now, if you'd prefer. In any case, share the article so we can all see it.

2. Once you have an introductory article drafted and published, email me the link to share it, and I'll embed it on the wiki.

You're done with bootcamp. See you on Thursday, 12:30.

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