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Be The Change

Did you ever wonder if the life of your dreams was somehow passing you by?
I used to watch in silent desperation as the world around me seemed to offer only failure, hardship, and sadness. Relationships crumbled, work was tedious, it seemed like I was on a never ending treadmill of mediocrity and going nowhere fast. Until one day, mid-stream, something happened.

I Got It. I understood one of the basic stepping stones of a life well lived and I turned myself around. I got off that merry go round of failed expectations and began to soar.

Hi, My name is Andrea Fricke.
In my late thirties now, I am living a life of joy, passion and adventure. I recently sold my business, let everything in my old life go, and moved miles away to pursue the career I'd always dreamed about. I realized finally that no one was going to hand me what I wanted and that despite all odds, I had to go for it. That decision has taken me on a whirlwind journey across the country, and through many changes; physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
I'm now a public speaker and author. I get to share my adventures with anyone who is interested in hopes of inspiring, entertaining, and empowering others to jump into the life they have always wanted to live.

Interrogative sentence right away. Assumes there is an audience.
The exclamatory sentence is in all caps because the paragraph before it might bog someone down. A reader can glance ahead and know there is something positive coming.
The picture makes it seem like there is something professional.
Compound sentences make it seem more poetic and they are in threes which rolls of the tongue more comfortably.
I think this is more active voice and perhaps gives the image of a confident person. Or.. it changes from passive to active.

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Andrea Fricke

"Do not cease to drink wine, to eat, to intoxicate thyself, to make love and to celebrate the good days." Egyptian Proverb

Where do you go when you need to enjoy the fullness of life? Where, in Bemidji, do you go to find the richest, flavourful wines, the juiciest steaks, the most aromatic roses, most enriching entertainment?

I'm a seeker of the sublime, huntress of the radiant heaven, and poet of all that is pulchritudinous.

I have found elegance and delight right here in our growing Bemidji metropolis and I want to share it with you. I write about the food, entertainment, arts and parties that are to be found nearly everyday in our fair and wonderful town.

If you ever want to know what to do, where to find it, how to get there.... Ask Andrea. ; )

The tone of the wording is set for a very specific audience.
Big words of elegance and richness... it's kind of trying to speak to a more wealthy reader who might feel "stuck" in Bemidji and not know where the fine dining and good entertainment is.
This is where rhetoric and wording is so important. To come off like a food critic or something like that, one has to know the best words to describe food.
Running sentence at the end gives the reader a chance to think... then I provide the answer.. Ask Andrea
Antithesis juxtaposition... assumes that my readers will have the attitude that wonderful food, fun, and entertainment can't be found in Bemidji. Or.. even.. "Bemidji metropolis" is an assumed oxymoron.
The word pulchritudinous really narrows down the audience. This is an educated, fun loving, crowd that like to think of themselves as above "normal" society.

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