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Biography One

Most of my life has been spent in a winter wonderland better known as Bemidji MN. I’ve always liked small towns there pace matches mine very well. I was young, only 20 years old. It just seemed to make sense so I made the decision to buy my first house. It was close to work and had a great yard. The inside was nothing special but it was clean. The living room walls were a nasty shade of pink. The sale didn’t happen as fast as I had wanted, nothing ever does. I felt at that moment very successful, I was the owner of my first home. Most of the major changes in my life took place in that house. I met my wife while I lived there. All three of our children were born while we lived there. Hell even our dog Benny joined the family while living in that tiny little house. At one time I had a good job and made ok money. For some unknown reason I gave it all up to go back to school to become a computer programmer. Now I’m an English major looking to write web based content. Not sure if it was a good idea to give up a paycheck for the classroom but so far it has been and experience. So I guess for better or worse I’m not on the path to becoming a writer in any capacity that will keep my kids in socks and shoes.

Biography Two

I grew up in a small northern Minnesota town to parents that had very little but worked extremely hard to make sure we didn’t notice. Most of my youth was spent trying to find ways to avoid work and increase my fun time. Like a lot of men my attituded changed when I met someone amazing. Within 6 months that amazing creature agreed to marry me and that was start of our little family. Conner our first born was a mixed blessing. I doubt there was ever a better baby even his terrible twos went by peacefully. So we decided to have more kids thinking it would be just as easy. Then Caleb came along, a wonderful boy full of energy but with no sense of danger. I think I know what Evil Kanival’s parents must have gone through. The youngest is Cody I would call him the baby of the family but he is far from a baby.
The Boys
The boy is just plain big for his age. His brothers better watch out or the baby of the family will become the enforcer. We all live in a nice home with our dog Benny. We got Benny about 6 years ago. My best guess is he is German Sheppard with some Golden Retriever or Husky. He doesn’t fetch but he sure loves to run. I’m now exploring the world of writing from the ground up, I’m still unsure of my end goal but I love reading and writing so much it doesn’t seem like work.

Biography Three

The Boys and Me
Over the years computers have been my main hobby. A few years after the birth of our first child I found myself spending more and more time exploring all that computers have to offer. Starting with the basics first, things like putting music on the hard drive, setting up email accounts and learning how to use the web. At that time I didn’t even know what a search engine was, I thought Yahoo was the internet. It didn’t take me long to figure things out. Once I got the basics out of the way things really started to speed up. This led to the next phase of my hobby. I started to build and modify computers. Around this same time I decided to make my hobby my profession. I quit my job and enrolled at Bemidji State University. For almost 3 full semester things went as planned, then I decided my hobby was meant to be just that, a hobby not a profession. My real passion was starting to show itself and computer programming wasn’t it. Writing was the thing that put my plans on hold and I ended up altering my degree from Computer Science to English. I’m now finishing up on a BA in Creative and Professional Writing with a minor in Computer Science and a Minor in Electronic Writing. This way I can keep my hobby a hobby and write as my profession.

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