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So I've read through I suppose a dozen or so articles on TIO, ninety percent of which were focused on the individual writer of the article. Is that really necessary? Does everything have to be so myopic and self-centered? How about a series of character sketches about other people? After all, writers tend NOT to be very interesting (though those that are would make good subjects for sketches).

running a marathon

how to fail first year writing
Is this meant to be a how-to? Which I think could be pretty funny.

using google to make your life better: google as a self-help book

Election year, politics versus governing

Notetaking. Starting with ideas from and
What I don't like about the Art of Manliness website--it shows right at the top of the page a guy getting ready to punch somebody out, which is not what manliness is about. So maybe some reviews of websites would work for TIO.

Less an article idea and more an add on: Poetry dump. blog attached to TIO, or a section to post quickly written edgy poems in. Like this:

Who is going to be the primary visitor to our webzine?
who ever finds us by searching for text that appears on the site
Refer to Price, chap 1 - 2. We don't have a primary audience. People visit to find things out.
So then my question is, if there's no primary audience, is there any kind of editorial input on the content (as opposed to the style)?

Is there any culture up here?
Yes. Now go and find it. We have amateur productions of plays, Local bands, choirs, orchestras. Find these people. talk to them, take pics of them.
I am all over this idea. I am really enjoying Bemidji social life and I have found that there is something happening almost every night; art show openings, a casino night at the Country Club, dinner theater at Hungry Bear, live music of all types, poetry jams, I'm heading to a cooking class tomorrow night at Harmony Co-op. This is a great idea. ARF

Fascinating people.
Finding these people and doing actual interviews on them. I listen to quite a bit of MPR in the car and I think of the Terri Gross interviews or The Story or As It Happens. Or something more contemporary? Gross and MPR already do this - and it's stuck firmly in 1992. Posting transcripts of interviews does not an article make. Write an article, and cross-link to the interview.

my new idea

How to survive an eleven-hour road trip with your high school speech students. ABH

Best places in the Bemidji area to take your Aspie kid and his friend(s). ABH

Ghetto phones and the people that love them (in defense of pre-paid phones). ABH

How does my laptop know what I just searched on google from my nook? It's creepy. ABH

Why it's sad that political ads die off between election cycles. ABH

Why you should be able to filibuster during your child's IEP meeting. ABH

I am also interested in why people choose to homeschool, and whether or not homeschooling allows/encourages kids to keep their individuality, creativity and curiosity. My thought here is to highlight someone who has made this choice. ABH

Careers for a BA/MA in English.
Guns and the Left: A look at the Urban VS. Rural Ideology Gap.
Tips for Travel Writing MJB
Blogging for the Non-Hipster: A guide for squares. MJB
Should education also be small, local, and organic? MJB
So if Matt's going to write about higher ed, I could write about k-12, or how the common core curriculum sucks. ABH

Self Help Articles: inspirational events that are happening around town: yoga classes, meditations, new body work business opening up, happenings at the Unitarian or other places of meditation and worship ARF

Articles about the different sub cultures at BSU: the older than average students for instance, or the star wars group that play with their saber swords outside of Oak Hall, the different music groups, etc.. ARF

Articles exploring the racial differences in our community.. ARF

The beautiful places that exist in and around Bemidji, articles with lots of pictures ARF

Love and romance advice, The Love Dr. came and did a seminar last Febuary and I remember how he was kept so late because so many people had personal questions for him.. mainly "How do I get that girl/guy to like me?" "How do I know if he/she really loves me?" "I caught him/her scoping someone else out on facebook, what does it mean? What should I do?" : ) Just some examples. ARF

Huh. That's strange. I had posted about 5 or 6 suggestions on Tuesday, 1/29/13. Where'd they go? Were they that BAD? lol (ksm)

Time Management and Organization for the Working College Student Mom/Dad (SK)

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