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=====Andrea Fricke=====

@@I may not have found the man of my dreams yet, but I'm having a heck of a lot of fun searching.@@
@@I am Andrea, the lover of life, the social butterfly, the dater, the free spirited, fun loving, karoake singing, smiling and laid back lady. I really do exist!! And I'm having a blast.@@
The articles that I write are all about making dating fun again. You will find stories and information about where to meet dates, where to go on dates, how to be a dateable person, the trials and tails of dating in a small town, and above all how to maintain a sense of joy and adventure while getting back out into the dating world.

I'm a student at Bemidji State University in the Creative Writing Program and a Public Speaker. My writings and presentations are all about love, romance, relationships, dating, and becoming a happy and interesting person in order to attract a happy and interesting person.
I am also the single mother of two energetic and outrageous teenagers, a massage therapist, reiki practitioner, and a bit of an empath. It's an exhilerating, busy life.

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This a fun person.
The language is one of excuberance and joy.
This is a person who wants to amuse and inform.
I want to share how fun it is to date and enjoy the social life style of being a single woman.
I like the picture. It is inviting and fun and close up. Establishes a relationship with the reader right away.

I like this Autobiography the best because it's the type of thing I'd like to write about for TIO
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