And by notes I mean ...

By notes I do not mean just copy and pasting - except for quotes that you might collect on a page in order to analyze, interpret closely, comment on, or paraphrase.

Some suggest that you type notes rather than copy and paste, but that's old school. Rather than spending time typing in what can be copies, spend that time carefully selecting what to quote, and even more time analzing and interpreting the text closely.

At one level, any note-taking is better than none because taking note shapes a more engaged level of attention to the reading and doing.

But notes that work let you focus attention actively. The idea is to use note-taking as a way of returning and re-considering material you encounter. That encounter might be to analyze, parse, figure out, place in a larger schema of things ... The purposes change as you work with the material; they change by virtue of taking notes. The idea in taking notes is to move back and forth mentally and materially between the stuff you're working with and notes on the stuff.

A few practices to start with

And as things progress and you collect more notes

notes very necesary, Barbara Bridger and J. R. Carpenter, 2015.

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