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Selfies and Narcissism: Uncovering a Truth?

The Ty-Lite: An Introduction

"I feel like everyone secretly loves a good selfie," said a participant in a recent video trying out Beyonce's stylist's new LED Selfie phone cases. The woman was one of four who have respect for people who are confident enough to post selfies. "I feel like selfies just get a bad rap," said another woman who went on to say that the world sees anyone taking a selfie as narcissistic.

Per the Ty-Lite Website:
"Created by Ty Hunter, the Ty-Lite provides lighting while using the smartphone's frontal-facing camera, while also acting as a protective case to the phone itself. The Ty-Lite is an LED lighted phone case that offers users three distinct light settings: Cool, Warm, and Brilliant to accommodate any light in any environment. With the Ty-Lite, smartphone users everywhere can capture moments through pictures, selfies, videos and even Facetime without worrying about lighting. Users can also dim the brightness in each light setting to their preferred level of brightness. The Ty-Lite runs on its own battery so it doesn't affect the phone's batter life, and each charge usually lasts between two weeks and one month depending upon consumer usage. The Ty-Lite runs for $79.99."

One of the participants views the Ty-Lite as a tool that is similar to the selfie stick, where people will initially see it as a joke but soon come to realize how useful it is.

The Ty-Lite

User Operating Ty-Lite

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