Description and Reflection

In this advertisement there is a large man tied up by smaller people. One smaller person is holding a sign that says "NO RED MEAT." The other signs are being used as stakes to hold the ropes. These signs say, "NO SMOKING," "NO FREE THINKING" and "RUB OUT LEATHER." there is also a sign laying to the right of the large man that says, "BAN COFFEE."

The little people are scattered around the man, each doing different tasks. One is standing on his shoe playing the role of the one in charge. he is holding a mega phone, shouting. Two of the men are tightening ropes. And the girl in the advertisement in holding the "NO RED MEAT" sign.

At the top of the advertisement, centered, are the words "Restricting choices little by little can add up to a big problem. Concluding the ad, at the bottom of the page, is a paragraph that makes this significant. In the bottom left hand corner is the logo for the National Smokers Alliance. They also have a contact number at the end of the paragraph.

After focusing on the advertisement and writing the description I noticed ways this group was trying to grab the viewers attention. The guy being tied down symbolizes us. The smaller people are the government who try to put many restrictions on us. They did a good job on making this issue relate to every on not smokers. One way they did this was to put signs in stating things we do or consume in our everyday lives. They make you thing. What if we were not allowed to think freely? What if we weren't allowed to eat certain things? These question get us thinking, and maybe smoking isn't that bad.

Taking a look at the phrase at the top of the document. By taking away rights it is making us loose freedom. This can lead into a bigger more significant problem that what we started out with. Taking away all of these things makes one feel trapped, and soon we will be pressured to live the same lifestyle as everyone else. This takes away diversity and uniqueness. In the end this is going to make people lash out and cause more harm than good.
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