Description of the billblog

He used a predominately white background with grey text for the body of the text. His links are highlighted in red. His headlines are in a larger front a colored in an olive green. The head line color is very similar to the border at the top of the pages color. He displays a few photos. There are three photos contained in the border they each contain the same tennis shoes. The difference in these photos are that the shoes are in a different setting. He also uses images in his posts but they are not used to accompany every post.

In the right hand margin he has a sidebar that contains his members. It also has a list of his planned trips, tags and another section for filkr. His outside margins framing the entirety of the blog are in a light blue unlike the white that the text is on.

Grabbing the Audience

In his post he has a few items that draw in a younger audience. One would be the reference to face book, he also includes an image of the applications used on face book. I say that this draws the younger crowd because face book began to attract the younger crown, but now there are older people who are using it to keep in contact with people as well. The mention of face book I would say primarily draws in the younger views but also may draw in some elder.

He attracts the audience by what he includes in his side bar. One thing he has is the “Top UK Jobs,” this would draw anyone looking for a job. He also has a variety of tags that if a viewer is interested in a certain topic it will lead them directly to a post that surrounds that topic. The tags are beneficial because it makes it easy to find exactly what you are looking for.

Description of Context

He doesn’t use more than a few paragraphs in each of his posts, this makes it easy to stay focused and to also skim. At the bottom of each post he has links to relevant topics that have been written previously. Next to the relevant topics he has the dates in which the previous were written. The comments are linked at the top of his posts and are easy to find. His post titles are short and generally to the point .


The posts are no longer than a few paragraphs and they feel relaxed. He broke up his topics well enough so that it kept your interest and able to skim. He has profile photos of members linked on the right side of the screens. Tags to google, iphone, china and many others , these are topics included in his blog postings.

Description of blog
Description of Context
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