Task One

I was working at Luekens dishing up lunches, salads, and making coffee for the customers that came through line. A lady approached me wearing a wool stocking camp and coat. She had a slight accent and asked me to dish a half pound of olives.

"Not that one, it's wrinkly" she stated. I continued to dig through the olives trying to find a perfect variety. "Not that one, it's to small." I held back from rolling my eyes and put a big smile on my face.

"Anything else?" I asked.
"Yes I would like a slice of pizza." I placed the pizza in a Styrofoam tray and set it on the counter. "How do you expect me to cut ot on that?"
"I'm sorry ma'am this is all we have."
"You don't have glass plates?" She snapped.
"No, not for customers," I replied.
"Well could I have a small latte?" she asked.
"Yes, one second ma'am." I finished making her latte and handed her the coffee.
She took a sip and said, " This is so sweet how do you expect me to eat my cake and drink this latte? Did you switch espresso?"
"Not that I am aware of," I said.
She demanded her receipt and stormed off.

Task Two

I was grocery shopping at Luekens checking out what the deli had. I came across some mixed olives that looked somewhat old. I just wanted a few that didn't look so sad, but the girl behind the counter seemed incapable on putting exceptional olives into the small container.

I then asked her to grab me a slice of pizza. She put it into a container that clearly was going to be difficult for me to cut it in. I asked her for a glass plate but she said that they weren't available to customers. Then I wanted some coffee and it was way to sweet, way too sweet for my cake. I took my receipt and left the store.

Task Three

In the deli I see people coming and going constantly. Right now is lunch time and the area is quite busy. The delis associate walk back and forth down the long case of food. There are three of them helping customers.

A lady walked up to the deli counter to buy some olives. The girl behind the counter dished olives into the container. The lady pointed to some pizza behind the registers. The girl rung up the pizza and olives then made her way to the espresso machine. The girl walked back to the counter and handed the lady her coffee.

The lady disappeared into the rush of people and the girl went on to help another customer.


As I wrote these three view points I realized ways they differ and ways they were a like. In task one, I put a lot of my emotion into the piece since it was my stand point. This situation also angered me a little so I had stronger feelings that were displayed in my writing. This was the easiest perspective to write.

I struggled with the second perspective, because it was hard to put myself where she was standing. I realized that she probably didn't view the experience as negatively as I viewed it. But I feel that they are similar because both perspectives display a negative situation.

Writing the third, I had to be neutral. This was hard because I had remove myself from the situation. The same events occurred, but without the inside view point of the people involved.

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