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Fishbowl Wiki. The world can read what's here but only those who are registered can edit.

Migrated from [[ Elements of E-Rhetoric Wiki]] in December, 2007.

This wiki is for use and development by students of ENGL 3179/5179: Elements of Electronic Rhetoric, Bemidji State University, and is administrated by M C Morgan.

This wiki as started in 2005, using PmWiki 2.x, unning on a Mac G4 450, with 1 gig of RAM, AMP. The materials were moved to WikkaWakka Wiki in December, 2007. It was moved to DreamHost and the domain in fall, 2009, and has been happy there.

>>== We share ==
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M C Morgan, Prof English
Dept of English
1500 Birchmont Dr #23
Bemidji State University
Bemidji MN 56601 USA

218 755 2814
questions and comments to mmorgan at bemidjistate dot edu
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