Memes Wiki

Course wiki for ENGL 2930: Dreams, Memes, and Twittering Machines

Characteristics of memes

  • longevity, fecundity, copy fidelity - enhanced by net
  • longevity - depends on what we mean: length of active spread or curatorial time.
  • Memes are cultural information that scale into shared cultural phenomenon. 18. Sites are based on creating and spreading user created content. Sharing has become a big part of being in the net. What netizens DO is share. It is the cultural logic of the net. See this in individual sharing as expression of self.
  • memes are reproduced in various ways: imitation, remix, repurpose. 19. Spreaders actively alter form. Can be simply copied and moved. But spreaders remix and mimic. In creating the variation, the creator shows her presence in the net. BUT you need a meme that can be altered and the skills to alter it.
  • memes move by competition and selection. 22. Fitness to the sociocultural environment. We can now trace how they spread. The path and changes become visible for those who need to look. 22

Hypermemetic logic. 23. The creation and transmission of memes has become part of digital expression. We are likely to get memetic responses to anything posted - as a way of expressing a self. Hypermemetic trait characterizes a culture in which memes have an active presence. Multidimensional. 24.

hypermemetic logic

Shifman argues that we are looking at the hypermemetic culture.

  • attention-economy logic
    • social logic of participation
    • cultural and aesthetic logic of participation. Memes go beyond individual to the culture.