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Course wiki for ENGL 2930: Dreams, Memes, and Twittering Machines

{{}} M C Morgan, Prof English | email | Morgan's Wiki

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Mon 27 Mar

Mon 20 Mar

WE meet again on 20 Mar. To prepare

  • Read Shifman, chap 8: Memes as Political Participation.
  • Pay special attention to Shifman's work with front-stage and back-stage in performance, pp 138ff.
  • We're going to look at METHOD this week: the way that Shifman proceeds in her analysis, moving from comparison of elements towards interpretation of the significance.
  • We'll start a project in class, working in pairs, that you'll continue over the week and present next Mon, 27 Mar.
  • Front-Stage and Back-Stage in BBCInterviewInterruption

on deck

Using the meme database to consider these questions:

  • Memes and Self-Representation. The presence of the creator of the meme appears in the meme in various ways. How, where, and what does this tell us about identity?
  • Memes and Values that define communities. Beyond Chap 8: memes and political participation.
  • Memes and Skills. Given that memes demand creative engagement, what kinds and levels of skill are required, and where does that place meme-creators in the community?
  • Considering process. Memes invoke rituals in order to spread. Meme-maker has to edit, re-record, or enact, or organize others into re-enacting… Use of meme generators. What else is included in the process of imitating to create a meme?
  • Memes and Literacy. As memes become a primary mode of discourse on the internet, we can consider what being literate entails. What does it require to create memes? what does it require to read memes? “repetition with the tiniest variation takes precedence over semantics or “meaning.”” (The Johns Hopkins Guide to Digital Media)
  • To what extent can we trace the evolution of a meme across variants? Is the change across one or multiple dimensions? Can we create an evolution tree or a chart that illustrates the change of x dimensions?
  • Genres. Shifman starts this in Chap 7. We can look at a single genre more closely to bring out the sub-cultural language, values, orientation, stance, and significance. See Shifman - Cultural Logic of Meme Genres, 2016
  • Memes as art: readymades, detournement, dada, appropriation. An aesthetic of ugly.
  • Memes as subversive. Look at rhetorical function and means. Also v Subversive Memes: Internet Memes as a Form of Visual Rhetoric, Huntington, 2013 and 2016.


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