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>>=== Habitus ===
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MIT home page on 11 Nov 2016. MIT's response to Veteran's Day is more than just the image. It's in the selection and phasing of the campus news for that day. The overall response is part of MIT's habitus. MIT's home page is demonstrating the kind of social habits and values that are practiced at MIT. To the extent that these habits are actually practiced widely, the ethos is legitimate. To the extent that audience members identify with these habits and values - desire to share them or practice them - the appeal to ethos is successful. To the extent that audience member's don't wish to share the habits, the appeal to ethos is //still// successful. [[ | full sized image]]

Compare BSU's on the same day.
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== Reference ==
- LookingAtTheTexualizedRhetSit
- OverviewOfRhetoricalMessages
- TheTexualizedRhetoricalSituation
- PresentationalEnthymemesOnGoogle
- NotesOnLongakerOnStyle
- NotesOnHistoricalLayersOfEnglish

== Argument ==
- BSUHomepageAsArgument - Homepage as argument, part 1
- ATheoryOfPresentationalEnthymemes
- PresentationalEnthymemesAndTheBSUHomepage - Homepage as argument, part 2.
- PresentationalEnthymemesAndInequalityIs - project

== Style ==
- CataloguingGIFsExercise
- [[ | Silva Rhetorica]] for a more complete catalogue of figures and tropes
- OnMetonymy
- NotesOnLongakerOnStyle
- StyleInAMicromessage

==A definition of rhetoric==
A modest but pragmatic, easy-to-hang-onto definition of rhetoric from Stoner and Perkins:

The art and science of creating and analyzing "messages that rely on verbal and nonverbal symbols that more or less intentionally influence social attitudes, values, beliefs, and actions." (6)

== Describing ==
- occasion
- exigence
- the type of discourse: forensic, deliberative, epideictic
- forum and genre
- cultural and historical context
- presuppositions of shared ways of thinking

>>=====Elements of Electronic Rhetoric =====
==ENGL 3179-5179 Fall 2016==
CourseStatement | CourseSyllabus | AboutThisWiki | [[ Morgan's Wiki]]

== Announcements ==

==== For Tue 29 Nov ====
We have only two meetings left, so we're turning to some more sophisticated consideration of ethos and pathos. On Tuesday, I'll present on ethos. You'll be working in pairs with the concept of ethos in class on Tuesday, based on the questions on pp 248-9, and 249-50. You'll need to be prepared.

Michelle Thoft will present on Dec 6th.

**Read, Longaker, chap 8: Habit (Ethos Revisited)**, pp 232 - 250. Read and make notes. It is not a skimmable chapter, so give yourself time to read and ponder it.


==== For Tue 6 Dec ====
- Read, Longaker, chap 7: Affect: (Pathos Revisited), pp 208 - 231.
- [[ | Thoft on Pathos]]

=== Participants ===
AnthonyLien | ChristopherSanderson | GeorgeHede | GregoryButton | JacksonLindsey | MichelleThooft | MollyPayette | SarahSorensen | MorganAdmin | PastParticipants

==== Tips and Suggestions ====
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On Deck
- HandlistOfERhetoric - draft


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