Course Syllabus

Course starts 22 Aug 12:30. Hs 248. Meets face to face weekly on Tuesdays. Assignments and exercises are required to be posted online at scheduled times.

Tue 23 Aug: Start Up

We'll use the first couple weeks of the course getting set up, developing a method for taking notes, and establishing a pace for exercises.

Fri 26 Aug

update 26 Aug 2016. Looks like everybody has registered and set up a wiki name page. You might want to visit the neighbors. Go to each wiki name page, have a look, and you can leave a comment by clicking the New Comment button in the footer of the page. Check for Recent Comments by using the Recently Commented link in the navigation bar at the top of each page. Wikis aren't really made for discussion, but they handle the basics.

Thu 25 Aug

Advice: Get some practice in. Take notes on these chapters for your use. Go to your wiki name page, get into the edit mode, then create a new wiki page by adding a page title. Call it NotesChap1And2 - followed by your 3 initials. NotesChap1And2MCM, for instance. When you save, the title will be an open link. Click it, and it should go to a text editing space Work with what you're reading in Longaker. Expect to refine these notes on our next meeting. Use headings to organize things. Add examples and cases, and problematic cases. Add links. Embed content images. ... Refer to GettingStarted for formatting and embedding images. For advice, refer to AndByNotesIMean

Class cancelled for 30 Aug

I have a family emergency and have to cancel our face to face class today.

If you haven't already, develop notes for chaps 1 and 2, to p 21. Go to your wiki name page, get into the edit mode, then create a new wiki page by adding a page title. Call it NotesChap1And2 - followed by your 3 initials. NotesChap1And2MCM, for instance. I'll send out a reminder closer to time to develop notes.

Tue 13 Sep

Getting back on track in E-Rhetoric

Fri 16 Sep am

by Mon 19 Sep, midnight

Tue 20 Sep

for Tue 27 Sep

for Tue 4 Oct

update 1 Oct 2016: Added a screencast of the Sep 27 homepage and a link to the Honors Council Lecture Series Lineup page. The webarchives are best to use for this. But the screencast is a good option.

Due Tues morning so we can discuss what you found in class at 12:30 pm.

Webarchive versions of the BSU Homepage
Mac: Click, and it might open in Safari. Otherwise, click to download the file, then drag the download to a Safari browser window.

Windows: You can download and install the Safari browser on Windows. Then click to download the file. Otherwise, try How to Open a Webarchive File on a PC.

presentational argument

Encounter with an argument cap. The unstated warrant is carried by encountering the message at this place: A sidewalk outside of HS, leading to HMU. The stated warrant for a need to act is carried by "Limited Quantity !!!" and "still." The two phrases together also produce an argument for the value of the season tickets. On Flickr



for Tue 11 Oct

by Fri 14 Oct dawn

for Tues Oct 25

We'll start the exercise in collecting GIFs that exemplify figures in class (pp 153-156).

for Tues: Review tropes, schemes, and figures of thought. A good way of doing this is to develop notes on them as supplements to Longaker: Creating your own list of terms and a definition or characteristic trait helps. Organizing them, finding examples of them as you read or listen to just about anything. Finding examples of figures and tropes in other media is good practice, too. Watch for how emoticons and emoji are used to articulate attitude. Watch for examples of isocolon and other figures of repetition in visual placement and sequences.

I'll develop more notes on NotesOnLongakerOnStyle, and extend analysis into emoticons and emoji as figures of thought.


for Tue 1 Nov

We'll review the work you've done in cataloguing figures and tropes as they are used in memes and other micromessages. Some discussion on connecting memes to ethos, pathos, logos - delivery. We can see each office served by particular rhetorical moves in style and figure.

for Tue 7 Nov

Tue 8 Nov

update Tue 15 Nov 8:18 AM

Class cancelled. Prof Morgan is ill

Move today's scheduled work to the meeting after break.

Tue 22 Nov


Isocolon twice used. In the tweet, it's used to create dramatic irony. Compare, "People design for themselves." The slide in the image uses an isocolon to create zeugma or antanaclasis (pun). Compare "To change the world, change who's designing it." Now consider the relation between the two micro-texts. While it's not a figure, we might call it echo.

Style and pistis - logos: The overarching pistis served by the figure in this case is logos. The trope is making clear the reasoning that the argument is based on. Which is to point out how humor, puns, irony can serve logos.


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