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===== Problems in Literary Criticism: Digital Literature ===== >>{{image url="" width="376px"}}
[[ | final days]]>>
Spring 2015

==== Archived ====
I am no longer teaching the course. You are welcome to have a look and use or adapt what's useful. But share:[[ | CC ]] Some rights reserved: free to share and remix, but attribute and share alike.

=== Flotsome and Jetsons: Places to find things and things you might want to look at ===
//If you are squeamish, don't prod the beach rubble.// Sappho

=== to sort ===
- [[ Beasley Street]], John Cooper Clarke. "When you read it, you are in control. When JCC reads it, you are fucked."
- [[ Beasley Street on Whistle Test]].
- [[ Circles]], Kate Tempest
- [[ The Revolving Internet]]
- [[ The Apostrophe Engine]].

=== Some Combinatory Work ===
- [[ ...and by islands I mean paragraphs]], J.R. Carpenter
- [[ Walks from City Bus Routes]], J.R. Carpenter
- [[ Taroko Gorge (the original)]], Nick Montfort
- [[ Taroko Gorge]], Others.

Essays on digital literature
If you find these too long to read, try running [[ | The Deletionist]] on them.

- [[ New Horizons]].
- [[ Grand Text Auto]]
- [[ Clarifying Ergodic and Cybertext]], Wardrip-Fruin
- [[ The Code is not the Text (unless it is the Text)]], Cayley
- [[ Review of #!]] Important for a few reasons. Continues the discussion on e lit to the present moment. Provides example of how e work is read and reviewed. Like reading NYT book review etc. site gives a sense of what's going on in the field. You can test your comprehension of our discussion and reading by your understanding or at least familiarity with these posts.
- [[ Remediating the Social]]. Conference proceedings the final conference of the ELMCIP project, Edinburgh College of Art, Nov 1-3, 2012.

[[ Dreaming Methods]], a collection of digital literature.
- [[ Inkubus]], by Andy Campbell and Christine Wilks
- [[ A Journal of Dreams]] (sound)

- [[ | afternoon: a story]], Norton edition.
- [[ | The Deletionist]]
- [[ Poetweet]] Procedural poetry generated from a twitter stream.
- [[ The Dreamlife of Letters]]
- [[ Taroko Gorge]]
- [[ Alice]]
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