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=====Morgan's Notes=====


for ENGL 4706



==== for week of 19 Sep: ReadingTheScreen ====

[[ | YHChang] Heavy Industries

[[ | and by islands ...]], Carpenter

=== A Course of Probes ===
v McLuhan


=== Two Kinds of Readings ===
- one set addressing the cultural history of writing and printing to the present. Including scholarly practices and apparatus: bookwheels, commonplace books, note taking, journaling, and digital work with Annotate, TBX, and others. Videos where applicable.

- another set of contemporary published works that address the practices digital wreading. eg [[ this from J. R. Carpenter]]

..."and by islands I mean paragraphs" casts a reader a drift in a sea of white space extending far beyond the horizon of the browser window, to the north, south, east and west. Navigating (with mouse, track pad, or arrow keys) reveals that this sea is dotted with islands ...and by islands I mean paragraphs. These paragraphs are computer-generated. Their fluid compositions draw upon variable strings containing fragments of text harvested from a larger literary corpus. Individually, each of these textual islands is a topic - from the Greek topos, meaning place. Collectively they constitute a topographical map of a sustained practice of reading and re-reading and writing and re-writing islands. In this constantly shifting sea of variable texts one never finds the same islands twice... and by islands, I do mean paragraphs.

This set might include //Composition#1//, //S//, maps, other constructions for reading and writing.

=== Variables ===
If we were creating a Glossary for Digital Lit Crit

- NKathrynHayles
- TheReadies
- DataBase
- DigitalNarrative
- DatabaseAndNarrative
- StreamOfConsciousness
- IanBogost
- Modernism
- EzraPound
- WritingAsDatabase
- ...


[[ Digital Humanities Syllabus 2012]]
[[ | DAKOTA transcript - translation]]
[[ Canto 1]]

what's next for text:
textbooks and university structures:

===Books: Recommended===
Anyone serious about DH will be interested in these but they are not required for the course.

Phillips, Tom. A Humument: A Treated Victorian Novel. Paper on Amazon, but also available as an iPad app.

Saporta, Marc. Composition No.1. 1962, 2011. Available from the publisher at <> Also available as an iPad app.

White, Alex. The Elements of Graphic Design. 2002; 2nd ed. 2011. I prefer the first edition.

===Games: Recommended===
Like The Path, these are slow moving, narrative-based games that skirt the digital edge of literature. Lots of walking. No shooting or puzzles.

Dear Esther. The Chinese Room, 2008, 2010. $10.00 Windows or Mac.

BIENTÔT L'ÉTÉ. Tale of Tales, 2012. <> or Steam. $10.00. Windows or Mac.

===Apps: Recommended===
As with books, those interested in DH will want to look and play with these and others. All on iPad through the App Store. Some might be available for Android. Check the store.

- LetterMpress. mpressInteractive. 2011, 2012.
- Strange Rain. Erik Loyer. 2010, 2013.
- Device 6. Simogo Handelsbolag. 2013.
- miTypewriter. Teruaki Onoda. 2010, 2014
- abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz. joerg piringer. 2010 2012.
- unimator. joerg piringer. 2014.

Other readings and links to readings and videos provided by the professor.

- [[ Technologies of Wonder, Delagrange.]]
- [[ Journal of Digital Humanities]]
- [[ IF: book]]
- [[ Remix Theory]]
- [[ Alliance of Digital Humanities Organizations]]. Clearing house.
- [[ Hybrid Pedagogy]]
- [[ We Feel Fine]]
- [[ proboscis]]
- [[ Digital Collaborative]]
- [[ Pepy's Diary]]
- [[ The Book Xylophone]]
- [[ Moby Dick]], aka Orson Whales.

==Projects in Bi-Stability ==
- [[ Tribute to Johnny Cash's Hurt with a remix by Cradle Rock]], Sara Dennison
- [[ Project 1b]], Dawn David
- [[ Pear Shaped]], Kevin Kimlinger

== Workshops / DIY ==
- [[ bookleteer]]
- [[ Tooling Up for DH]], Stanford. Intros to terminologies and techniques.

==== stores for Intro DigiHum ====

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