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Games and Narratives in DH

or Games as Literary Fiction


Gamer reviews

Keep in mind that gamer reviews focus on play-states and the relation of a game to the gaming genre. We're looking at The Path for its narrative and ludic features rather than gaming features.

I find it interesting that some game reviews and critiques come at the The Path as a story to be interpreted by conventional interpretive guidelines (X means Y, given warrants drawn from pop psychology), as here,
[Re Carmen] I think Carmen’s first sexual encounter was with an older man who caused her undue trauma, causing her large amounts of regret & pain, also resulting her in distrusting any future relationships.
[Re Scarlet] The house is how she sees the world: bland & empty of art (covered furniture), filled with meaningless order & monotony (the jars). I think Scarlet fills [sic] resentful towards her family for taking her dreams from her. The wires or strings at the end symbolize her feeling controlled by others & having no control over her own life. The stage at the end represents her lost dream of being a musician. from

Overarching question is where to place games and gaming
theoretical fields
narrative or not?

Ensslin places games as narrative and literary.
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