Project: Exploring the Tabular Text

Text read as tableau rather than linear oral order. Create a page

Create a two page spread of semiotic space in which you illuminate, gloss, cross tab etc the equivalent of two pages of Vandendorpe Papyrus to Hypertext in the manner of incanabula, pp 29-37. Esp p 33. Premise: The codex and then the page allowed readers to take on role of author, with the text at the center.

Mechanically, you might start by photocopying sections of this text to work with. Then paste them to a larger sheet or card to provide a large enough ground on which to work. You include other pages if you wish, but make this spread rich, dense with meaning, a space that can be both read as text and explored visually. p 98.

This page can be made up of noncontiguous chunks of the text, or an existing spread from Papyrus to Hypertext. The surrounding text can be made up of other chunks of the same text, other texts, your annotations, commentary, etc.

Illuminate by hand, or by pasting image, etc. but images should illume not decorate. Use lines, arrows, p #. Heads, subs, callouts. Et al.

Consider what the codex and tabular page allowed readers to do. Notes on some of the practices engaged w codexes: annotation, illumination, glossing, cross-referencing.., and into newspaper and mag layouts, heads etc.

examples from blogs and wikis
examples of illuminated ms codexes.
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