ENGL 4706: Breaking the Book Fall 2016 Syllabus

Required Texts

All are available via Amazon and (hopefully) the BSU Bookstore. Used copies are showing up on Amazon.

Most of the readings for the course will be online and in printable pdf.

week of Aug 22: Writing as Technology

week of 29 Aug: Writing Technologies

week of 5 Sep

for week of 12 Sep: TheBookAsInterface

Read, take notes on, commonplace, come to class ready to question, discuss, consider, exemplify, extend.

for week of 18 Sep: TheBookAsInterfacePart2

for week of 3 Oct: ReadingTheScreen

for week of Oct 17: WritingAndTheMind

for week 0f Oct 24: Typewriters

for week 0f Oct 31 - Nov 14: BookOfProbes

LittleBookOfProbesProject. Hand in your little book of probes physically Tuesday, by 2:00 pm. Drop box mext to office door at HS 314.

for week of 28 Nov: Hypertext

for week of 5 Dec: Hypertext

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