Breaking the Book Final Project - Mapping the Territory

From the ENGL4706Fall2016Statement

[T]his course gives you the opportunity to investigate and consider, individually and as part of a group,
  • Print and digital books as interface. Social history of writing, printing, publishing, digital writing, publishing, and distribution.
  • Print, books, and mental habits. How print shapes knowledge.
  • The present and future of poetics.
  • Alternative constructions and means of meaning-making. Text and image, visual exposition.
  • Hypertext and its use in scholarship and published expression. Social history, use in note-taking and constructing knowledge.
  • What reading is now, what it has been, and what the significance of reading entails.

Refer to the ENGL4706Fall2016Syllabus for what we read and what we did.

As promised,
The final project for the course will be your construction of an artifact or material that presents a cumulative understanding or way of seeing what we considered through the semester.

The Project

Make a map through the concepts of this course. Text and image. Your text and/or our sources. Any media: Paper, fabric, parchment, digital. Large format, but carry-able. May be foldable, rollable. Really should be at least 11x14, maybe bigger.

The layout will allow a viewer to see the larger contours you're creating readily, but also move in closer in order to see/read details. You may use map conventions such as a key, etc.

Example Maps

By islands I mean paragraphs
You are here.

Concept map


Map of internet spaces



Map of 2012 Election Predictions


Maps as tracing travel and elevation


Map as representation of relations between concepts. Map as representation of places where ideas are found, with potential routes between them. Dangers. Remarks on those routes.

As you develop your map, ask yourself, "What am I mapping? What am I representing with color, line, size, position?"

The map is not the territory. The map is a guide to the territory you or we explored. What I can tell from your map is what you have made of the materials we read, ideas discussed, ideas not discussed.

- Don't map your changing understanding. Don't map your insights as they occurred. You're mapping from the completion of the course, with an overview you didn't have at the beginning, so use that position. This is a map created at the end of an exploration, not along the way. Your map should reflect that. Map your current understanding of the topic.

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