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Studio Tours Apr 2 – Apr 9

31st March 2018

“31st March 2018” by themostinept is licensed under CC BY-SA

Projects are proceeding apace, so it’s time to go a-wandering.

I’m moving the studio tours up a week so you can get feedback from each other a little earlier in the project.

The StudioTourExercise is in addition to your weekly postings but replaces your weekly summary for this week.

Due midnight 9 April 2018. Feel free to finish early.

When you’ve completed your tours, post a link to your work (wiki page or blog post: whatever) in a comment on this post.

The next milestone is Apr 17: Last class meeting. We will meet face to face to compare notes and talk about preparing final presentations. The project continues until April 24.

By then, it might be above freezing.