blogging is not in vain

Blogging is an assertion of a self breaking away from simulation and commodification. Blogging is not in vain. Blogging is the authentic voice of the blogger. Geert Lovink, Zero Comments: Blogging and Critical Internet Culture:

The truth is that [blogs] are not just the tiresome ramblings of the boring written to the bored. Though for the most part not professional writers, bloggers are often eloquent in the way that those who are not self-consciously polished often are—raw, uncensored, and energized by the sound of their newly awakened voices. And by keeping a daily record of their rites of passage, bloggers often give a shape and meaning to the stages and cycles of their lives that would otherwise be missed in the helter-skelter of modern existence.

It’s easy to assert that something is raw, uncensored and so authentic. Bloggers may not be pros, but because they aren’t, they write closer to the heart, with Raw Authenticity – except when we see that the authentic pose is still a pose, when we discover that what’s being said is really something being re-said as though it were truth from on high. Authentic doesn’t mean insightful. Authentic doesn’t mean smashing an exhausted illusion. Authenticity is a pose, a posture, created by rhetorical choices.

Are we kidding ourselves in our vanity? Would we be kidding ourselves if our authentic selves were blogging?

Foucault scholars would say something similar, namely that blogs are “technologies of the self,” …. But what if the self has run out of batteries? With Dominic Pettman we could say that blogging is a relentless pursuit in the age of exhaustion. Blogs explore what happens once you have smashed the illusion that there is a persona behind the avalanche of similar lifestyle choices and pop identities within online social networks.

We’ve been promised this before. “the authentic voice of the blogger” on google gets “about 2,360,000 results (0.67 seconds) .” That’s commodification.


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