whither blogs and wiki? #en3177

A few days ago, a Mike Caulfield asked of the world at large, Can Blogs and Wiki be Merged?

Wiki and blogs have two different cultures, two different idioms, two different sets of values.

Blogs came from BBSs and a time-based social exchange of knowledge. Wikis came from non-netkworked Hypercard stacks, and Intermedia and Storyspace, that support a refactored evolution of knowledge (The Victorian Web is a still-extant example). Blogs are distributed conversations. Wikis are more like collaborative communities. And so on.

Mike has been working on a hybrid of blogs and wikis called Wikity (blog page and video). Wikity looks and acts like a wiki, but rather than collaborating on a commonly-held database of wiki entries, each user federates selected content to her own site and works there.  Each user runs her own site that can be mined, developed, and federated back to the original site. The computer back end takes care of re-distributing changes and tracking ownership.

Here’s the question at the center of Mike’s post:

As I’ve been working on Wikity (my own federated wiki inspired project) I’ve been struggling with this question: to what extent is there value in breaking down the wall between blogging and wiki, and to what extent are these two technologies best left to do what they do best?

As students of ENGL 3177/5177, you’re in a good position to weigh in on the matter. You bring new thinking to the question. Can or ought blogs and wikis be merged? Or best kept as two spaces?

For this week, post a response to either your own blog or to the comments for the post on Mike’s blog. No one is looking for a Final Answer. Mike – and his readers – are looking for perspectives on these things – informal, considered.

I don’t really have a great answer to these questions. In most cases I’d say it makes sense for these to remain two conceptually distinct projects, except for the big looming issue which is with the open web shrinking it might helpful for these communities to join common cause and solve some of the problems that have plagued both blogging and wiki in their attempt to compete with proprietary platforms.

Again, no firm answers here. Just wanted to share the interesting view I’ve found at the intersection of these two forms.

Respond svp.