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YouTube is an internet site where people are allowed to post their videos of themselves or others. [[ Click here]] to go to the site and look around yourself. There are many videos here to watch and you could literally spend hours on it if you want to, or else just find some fun videos. YouTube is a type of NewMedia.

Some of my favorite videos are:
- [[ Blame Halo 3]]
- [[ Bad Parents C M]]

====Pros of Youtube====
- Entertainment
- Informational Videos
- Opportunity to express talents/get noticed

====Cons of Youtube====
- Videos break any number of copyright laws
- Comment Section is a wretched hive of scum and villainy
- Just as much misinformation as actual information

====ThreadMode Starts Here====

[[ Glozell As A Strong Woman]] //
[[ Smartest Two Year Old]] //

I just wanted to add two of my favorite youtube videos for entertainment value. Watch for a laugh! She really is the smartest two year old. //
Let's chat youtube now. I think youtube is more specifically for entertainment value. I'm not sure how informative it can really be. BUT I will admit when I wanted to learn how to do burpees and sumo squats, I did find some informative videos. Maybe it's more a question of what you are searching for on youtube; funny videos on cats or how to make a souffle?

- LeahFleming
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