Why write on blog? There are many reasons to write on a blog, but I think that a major reason people use blogs it to put their opinion or life experiences out there to the public and get feedback on it. Though some of your themes may get criticized, you still are able to communicate with people that enjoy doing the things that you do, or agree with what you are saying. Blogging also gives you freedom to express yourself in ways that you might not be able to do face to face. You can let emotions out that you otherwise would keep bottled up. This creates a great sense of therapy, and even though you know that people are reading your thoughts, you know that maybe someone out there has been through the situation you are describing, and that can help you out in the long run.


Writing On A Blog

Writing on a blog, this is something fairly new in today's society. A lot of people are doing it, and yet, so many are not. But for those who are, it is a social gathering, in a sense, for them. Here, they can write family and friends, post updates to something going on in their lives, and even share posts from other blogs and topics found on the web that they find interesting.
There are also various types of blogs. There are Personal Blog(s), Educational Blog(s), Humorous Blog(s), Topical Blog(s) ...the list goes on forever. So, there is basically something out there for everyone.
The fact is blogging is becoming more and more popular, and because of this, before long a lot more people will begin blogging as a way of expression. It's a great experience.


What is the Purpose For Writing on a Blog?

There are many reasons why people blog. A blog is a way a person can share his or her interests with other people while designing a cool website that people can view. Blogs help you get noticed in cyberspace especially if you provide links to other peoples blogs. People can express their feelings and emotions and can be very therapeutic to a person. People can let their interests run crazy through different types of blogs and can connect with others who have the same interests as them and blog back and forth to one another. Blogging is a very fun and exciting tool to use and will only grow with popularity.


Keeping in Touch

I think blogging is an excellent way to keep in touch with family and friends. Just last week, a friend of mine from high school emailed me about her new blog. Now, instead of relying on the once a year Christmas letter, I can read up on what's happening with her. So, I sent her my blog address as well.

It used to be that families stayed close together. Family farms would be kept in the family for decades. Now, more families live apart from one another. Some across town, others across oceans. Blogging can be an extremely useful tool for those separated by miles to send out updates on their lives.

This is just my idea...


Why people write a blog

Well i personally think that writing on a blog can help a person express their innermost thoughts. Sometimes people can't tell someone off on their face, so blogs can help you realease tension and stress. I think it's a good way than just getiing drunk or wasted in a bar!!

Blogs is also a way to introduce new things and news. People can share views and thoughts in their blogs without being disturbed by their own thoughts.

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