Write Once Read Many

Write once read many (WORM) refers to a system of data storage in which data cannot be altered once it has been saved. This type of system is generally used for bodies of work that are to remain untampered or private, only accessible to a small, set group of people. Under WORM storage, devices used to store data are often physically altered in order to maintain the information, such as punched cards and paper tape, both of which require a series of cutouts in a medium in order to store data.

While wikis seem like antithesis to this idea, the ultimate end goal for any page on a wiki is to achieve WORM status. Heavy moderation can be used for this, to contain and combine positive entries, while removing and detracting from negative entries. The formatting of a wiki is stripped down in order to make it as reader and writer friendly as possible, so as to expedite the process by which the wiki can be both consumed and navigated through. In doing so, a wiki can still be edited, but after reaching such an advanced stage, doing so is rarely ever needed or useful to the wiki itself. -AidanAnderson

Larry Sanger on his website Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium speaks about how the the developers and original authors on a wiki should pay attention to the wiki page they started because it is evidence of the continued development of the internet -AndyAllison

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