Wikis Need Gardening

What a wiki needs is someone to take care of them and check them over, maybe even more than one person.

"A page will grow to an unreadable sprawl until a WikiGardener comes by and ReFactors the page to remove the weeds to let the good stuff be developed further.They use PagePatterns. They SynthesizeThreads. They add headings and move material that might spur discussion further BelowTheDoubleLine. WikisPersist. The idea in gardening is to clear the space to let participants grow more ideas." From the SentencesAboutWritingOnAWiki page.

There are important things that this gardener needs to watch out for. They need to make sure their community has some kind of etiquette, have an adaptable behavior and an open mind, highlight the good content, be observant and organize things, and make sure to contribute to the community to motivate others. From Starting And Running A Wiki.

You want to contribute good information to any page. This is done by expanding on any stub pages you can. A stub page is a page that someone has set up but had added no content to. Photos are also recommended if it fits in with you page. While you don't want to spam people with things, you should add articles as you see fit. And remember that this is a community and you should help out everyone else. By maintaining pages authenticity, removing copyright violations, fixing articles, and more, you will contribute a lot to maintaining the garden that is wikis. From Contribute to Wikipedia.

The garden is a useful metaphor for thinking about wikis and the web at large. WikisAsGardens is another direction to consider because MetaphorsAreHeuristic.

The Garden and the Stream: A Technopastoral. Mike Caulfield's keynote concerning FedWiki. 2015. blog post

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Understanding the gardening concept, you might want to check out WhatIsAWeblog, in the section titled Biz Stone you can find out the origins of the concept. You might also be able to check out WikiGardener, depending on if that page gets up and running, and that will explain a bit about your job as an editor. If it isn't up, then check out the page TheRoleOfTheEditor.
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