Slowly but surely teachers have been adding different means of technology into their classrooms, whether these classrooms are primary, secondary, or post secondary. Though it may be difficult for a teacher to get over the idea of adding technology into their classroom it really can be beneficial if it's used and taught properly. Here are some positives that come along with using wikis in the classroom:


-Make it easier for people in different locations to work together, meaning that anyone who is allowed to edit and manipulate one can. It's fairly simple to use a wiki once a person gets a clear understanding of what to do and how to do it. A wiki is a great help in working on group projects, it would also be helpful for classmates who wish to share notes, because they would be able to correct information by getting rid of the false and adding missed information.

-Are a great way to keep track of participation if a class has a specific wiki for that subject. It's easy to check and see who is actively doing things on a wiki and what it is that they are editing, it is also a great way to see who is just sliding by and not really doing much.

-Are an easy thing for most students to participate in. Though some students don't always have access to a computer at all times during the day it is easily accessible to most. It is also something that most can become used to doing because of the social networking that can be done. A wiki can be viewed as something like Facebook, Myspace, or Twitter (though it's not necessarily in the same category) it is something that is as easily to get a hold of and pay attention to.

-Are a great reference. Wikis are a great resource for people who find that they need to physically see something to better comprehend it as opposed to only hearing it. Wikis are very helpful in education, if a teacher is willing to place their class notes/assignments onto a wiki they are easy to access.

Some great sites that also discuss wikis in education and in the classroom are:

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