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"Wikis are designed to make reading while editing as easy a possible." - SentencesAboutWritingOnAWiki

As I keep researching Wikis vs. Blogs, my understanding of Wikis has improved. At first, I thought they were pretty useless and, yes, ugly. The simple, mainly text only format to me was too blah. Why create a wiki when you can create a blog that looks better and can do some of the same things. I found a table on Wooster that breaks down the main differences between a Wiki and a Blog. This table supports the quote that I put above this paragraph. I would use this quote if anyone were to ask me what the purpose of a Wiki is. During my undergrad in one of my methods class, we had to create a lesson plan a week and post it on a blog. Now that I am more familiar with Wikis, I wish we would have used that instead.

While writing this I also thought of our discussions and posts about presentation and representation. Is a Blog more of a representation of ourselves in a current time, situation, or experience and is a Wiki more of a presentation of information and ideas that can be constantly changed or edited?
Wiki's are more professional looking than blogs which is why they can be considered boring. They are a great way to share information in a more organized fashion because wiki's are very simple and easy to use. A blog is a bit more personal because only the writer can edit it, but in a wiki everyone can edit which can be dangerous. Most people will only contribute positives or recent, relevant, information about the subject but there are also people, known formally as "Trolls," who will mess with a post because it's funny.
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