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"Wikis are designed to make reading while editing as easy a possible." - SentencesAboutWritingOnAWiki

As I keep researching Wikis vs. Blogs, my understanding of Wikis has improved. At first, I thought they were pretty useless and, yes, ugly. The simple, mainly text only format to me was too blah. Why create a wiki when you can create a blog that looks better and can do some of the same things. I found a table on Wooster that breaks down the main differences between a Wiki and a Blog. This table supports the quote that I put above this paragraph. I would use this quote if anyone were to ask me what the purpose of a Wiki is. During my undergrad in one of my methods class, we had to create a lesson plan a week and post it on a blog. Now that I am more familiar with Wikis, I wish we would have used that instead.

While writing this I also thought of our discussions and posts about presentation and representation. Is a Blog more of a representation of ourselves in a current time, situation, or experience and is a Wiki more of a presentation of information and ideas that can be constantly changed or edited?
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