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[[ Police Mocking Anarchist Mocking Police at Speakers Corner 1978]]>>===== Wiki Writing Handbook =====
A handbook for writers in 100 pages or less.

This text-embedded-in-a-course addresses how to use a wiki to generate, organize, re-organize writing that will primarily be written in and read on a wiki. The tool shapes the creation: Ask a carpenter, a poet, a painter, a musician. Ask McLuhan. The wiki as a tool for writing changes the way we create and read writing. Just as it is unlike a pencil, pen, typewriter, even wordprocessor, so writing practices that lead to effective production of writing on a wiki are significantly different than those used with other tools.

We're writing this text with the idea that anyone who needs to create writing with or on or for a wiki might find it useful.

We're embedding it as a set of pages in a larger wiki as a matter of ease and experiment.

==== preface ====
- RhetoricalCharacteristicsOfWikis
- PurposeOfARhetoricOfWikis
- WritingOnAWiki

====table of contents ====
- ModesOfComposition
- ThreadMode : DialogueMode
- DocumentMode
- RefactoringPages
- PagePatterns
- DialecticMode
- StyleGuide
- ThePurposeOfAStyleGuide
- RefactoringIsDifficult
- InventionInAWiki, WikiPlacesOfInvention
- CreateAMode: FAQMode, ListMode, CategoryMode

== advanced ==
- CollaborateRadically
- CollaborationPrimer
- CollaborationConventions
- WritingCollectively and WritingCollaboratively
- RefactoringStrategies
- LargerStructures
- WritingInTopics | TopicalWriting
- NamingTopics
- INeedAMap
- WikiWord
- Rhizomatic development, wiki as rhizome

== other ==
These pages need writing from the ground up: they don't exist on the other wikis

links and linking

- KindsOfLinks
- MakingLinks
- UsingLinks
- LinkStyle

formatting and structuring pages
- FormattingPages - think of it as ongoing, of course.
- UsingFormattingToDraft - that is, using formatting to aid invention and organization while drafting. references to Crowley, //Methodical Memory//.
- FormattingForMeaning - reformatting as refactoring. Reworking the formatting for meaning rather than management.

- KindsOfPages
- NotesPages
- DraftPages
- BibliographyPages

== exercises ==

== for teachers ==
- VirtuesOfWiki

== others ==
- EvolvingPages
- WikisAndTraditionalComposing
- WikiPatterns

- page on signing/tracking pages for grading (via J Moxley)


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