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======Weekly Reflection: Wiki Edition======

One thing I really love about working with the wikis is the amount of extra work you have to put into the formatting. I like things to look neat and organized. I'm //that// person Morgan mentioned that would go through and put in bullet points, synchronize headings and fix the mis-spellings. I can't keep my dorm room neat and organized so I have to make up for it in other ways (i.e. my lecture notes and my technological recordings).

Here is a link to my favorite digital artifacts regarding the future of blogging: [[ | The top four: time to pick favorites]] I really loved looking at everyone's different ideas for the future. I know [[
| Matt]] mentioned Facebook taking over (which I wouldn't be surprised).

So, this week we looked at a couple of articles pertaining to wikis I didn't put my notes on the wiki but I did use the readings as a basis for my discussion of "Thread Mode" on the SecretMediaRevolution page (started by JoeStusynski and expanded by LeahFleming). I then did a little more adventuring about the Weblogs and Wikis hyperlinks and I found a page that hadn't been created yet titled TheMemex. It sounded interesting so I did a little digging and found out quite a few interesting factoids. You should really check it out: it's basically Google before the internet.

I am also going to point out that my work has officially been used outside the Weblogs and Wikis community. I guess I started saying things people actually found interesting. (This doesn't usually happen to me so just let me have my moment.)

===Here are a couple of places I've been referenced as of late:===
- [[ | The Future of Blogging – With a Glimpse Backwards]]
- [[ | Could blogging be seen as a scholarly activity?]]
- [[ | Want to blog? Sources of inspiration and getting it down.]]

One thing I'm trying to figure out is how to put in image captions on the wiki. I looked all over but I must have missed something because I couldn't find the answer anywhere. Goal for next week: FIGURE OUT CAPTIONS.
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